Bushfire Appeal

Gestures, great and small

Our contribution to the bushfire appeal

As we’ve witnessed the bushfires scorch our homeland and the many lives that have been devastated, it is easy to feel helpless. Yet we see – and continue to see – communities all over the country coming together to do what they can to help – no matter how small the gesture.

While we can never offer what fire(wo)men, nurses and aid professionals do, we can support in the form of financial aid and product. And we are forever grateful for our client’s continued support. Since we announced our store-wide fundraiser to pledge a portion of all sales to bushfire relief, Simone Perele have raised and donated $15,000, to the Australian Red Cross on Saturday, 11th January 2020.

As our thoughts have been with the many people affected by the bushfires, we’ve been searching for other ways to help.
We are grateful to partner with Thread Together – a charity that distributes new clothing to those who need it the most. Undergarments have been identified as an urgent resource in aid, and so we’ve also packed 1,100 units in our warehouse, ready for distribution.

As we continue to brave the devastation together, there is some comfort in feeling a community come together when it matters most. A big thank you to the many hands that make this donation possible, and of course to all our wonderful clients.

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