What happens when my anniversary date comes around the following year?

When your anniversary date comes the following year, the system will check your “Total Spend Since Anniversary” of the previous 12 months and reward you with another 12 months of the same status.

For Example:

  • Your Join date is the 4th March 2018 (Your Anniversary Date).
  • Throughout 2018 your total spend is $550 and your Tier is Gold
  • On the 4th of March 2019, the system will check what your previous 12 months “Spend Since Anniversary” has been. In this case, $550.
  • Based on this, you will be granted the Tier of Gold for a whole 12 months more. 
  • Your “Spend Since Anniversary” Resets to $0
  • On the next anniversary date (4th March 2020), the system will check what your “Spend Since Anniversary” is. If it is still $0, you will go back down to Bronze status.
  • If it is $550, you will retain your Gold member Status.
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