What is the difference between a Gift Card, a Gift Voucher and a Promotion Code?

Gift Cards can be purchased online or from a Simone Pérèle store and are treated like cash. They are the traditional style of Gift Card (looks like a credit card) where you have handed over payment in exchange for a card with the stored value. If you lose your Gift Card it cannot be replaced. Gift Cards must be redeemed within 12 months of purchase.

A Gift Voucher is a promotional voucher, usually on paper that either has a dollar value or percentage off. If you're holding a gift voucher, it's usually because you have received it as some kind of promotion. These vouchers are for single use only and can never be exchanged for cash. The voucher is surrendered at the time of purchase, and cannot be refunded in any form. Usually, a Gift Voucher will have a shorter Expiry Date - from 2-12 weeks.

A Promotion Code is to be used Online and will usually result in an offer of percentage discount, free shipping or a reduction in price. Promotion Codes are single-use only and not redeemable for cash. Promotion Codes will have a very short expiry date.

Gift Cards, Vouchers and Promotion Codes are not valid at any David Jones stores.









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